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How To Have a Conscious Halloween

  Conscious Costumes for Halloween  Honestly, this is a topic I never really thought about before. My son wanted to be a firefighter, so I just added the costume to my Amazon cart and hit buy now. I think it makes a huge difference just being aware that you may not have to spend that money, and you can help the environment while you are at it.  Let’s talk Halloween facts: Halloween costumes are expected to cost Americans $3.6 billion in 2022. Most Halloween costumes are made from plastic-based fabrics. This makes them a great candidate for the landfill because recycling them is very difficult. A large amount of these costumes are only worn once or twice.     Things you...

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10 Ways to be a Mindful Shopper

A great way to be a more conscious consumer is to purchase more mindfully and intentionally. If you don’t buy the item in the first place, then you won’t have to store it, recycle it or give it away after use. A conscious consumer generally doesn’t participate in the overconsumption of materials.  

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