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Hand Me Down Project

The Hand Me Down Project is all about collecting kids' clothes in your community ! The program is designed for YOU to be the collector of secondhand kids clothes, and we will pay you to do it!

1. Gather 

Gather hand-me-downs! As people drop off items, text or email them your personalized Hand Me Up discount code.

2. Sort

Once you hit 50lbs (or more!), it's time to sort and send to us. Please remove all socks, shoes, underwear and items with stains or holes.

3. Ship

We will send you a prepaid shipping label for your gathered clothing. All you have to do is find a box, tape on the label and drop it at a UPS location.

4. Get Paid

Once we receive your box, we will pay you $1 per pound and send payment via PayPal.

Join The Project!


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