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SA Live on KSAT - Back to School
Pink Envelope - YouTube Unboxing
News 4 SA - "Moms re-purposing the meaning of thrifting kids clothes"


Xero Beautiful Business Fund Winners - Innovating for Sustainability 

Company Overview

Hand Me Up was founded in 2021 by Kara Livingston and Nicole Boynton. Hand Me Up is located in San Antonio, Texas, and operates out of co-founder, Kara’s, garage. Hand Me Up simplifies secondhand shopping for kids’ clothes by curating mix & match bundles of preloved kids’ clothing. Kara and Nicole hand pick your child’s clothing items based off of answers to a style quiz. Each BAG contains 3 tops, 3 bottoms and 1 bonus item and is shipped straight to the customer from Texas. Hand Me Up has served over 135 customers and handed up over 1,000 items of clothing since launch. Kara and Nicole promise to treat each item of clothing as if it were their own and keep textiles received out of the landfill.  


If you would like access to media assets or the opportunity to interview, please email:  


We love speaking to groups of moms! We cover topics around: shopping second, fast fashion, and being a more intentional consumer. Email us at for more inquiries.  


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