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Sustainable Summer with Kids

May 24, 2023

This month on the blog, we’re talking about sustainable summer! Y'all know we are all about just making a difference by being more intentional on where and what we buy. We never want you to feel overwhelmed… Here we are all about just making the best choice we can with the information we have. So we are here to give you some info….


Warmer weather is coming, and if you didn’t get an opportunity to buy some size-appropriate summer clothes this spring, you still have time to get a curated capsule bag from Hand Me Up! You can even add a swimsuit to your order!!!! (yes, we thought of everything!) Because kids need new swimsuits every. single. summer. 😟🌴


For us, sustainable summer means we’re thinking consciously about the environmental impact of the items we buy for our kids and we’re also exploring products that are safer in the sun, meaning they are less toxic when our kids are playing outside in the sun!! 


Pool & Water Toys


Some of the chemical compounds included in many new summer pool and water toys are toxic, and not healthy for kids. We’ve curated some safer options to replace those new stinky pool toys. (Yes, that classic new pool toy smell that reminds you of summer is actually the toxic chemicals, called VOCs.)



Don’t worry, if you aren’t ready to give up on your regular summer toys, you can set them in the sun and that will release some of the VOCs and make them safer for your kiddos. Buying toys used is also a great option because the VOCs have already been released. (Yes, FB Markeplace is an awesome option!) 

  • Rubber swim training fins from Hevea - so cute and made of natural rubber.
  • Hearthsong has great water toy options and conscious of the chemical compounds in their products. We love the Mister Shark sprinkler!
  • Step 2 sand tables are PVC, phthalate, and BPA-free and are mostly made in the USA. 
  • Liewood pool toys (available from Smallwood in the US) are conscious about materials in their products. (Lots of silicone, which is a better option than plastic.) We love the cute paddle boards!


Gentle reminder to set out any new toys out in the sun to help reduce the VOCs. 


Beach towels


We found some great options that use natural fibers and also some great brands that put sustainability at the top of their list!

  • Slowtide towels are a bit pricey (about $70) but they come in all kinds of fun colors and designs. 
  • Nomadix quick dry towels are great for the adventure family, and the company is carbon-neutral! 
  • OEKO-TEX organic cotton beach towels from Target - OEKO-TEX organic cotton certification offers verification from farm to product. Products bearing this label have been manufactured without the use of GMOs and tested for pesticides and other harmful substances. We love the organic cotton linens from Target - a great option that’s a bit cheaper!




We shared some of our favorite brands in our Easter blog, check them out here.


Adventure gear 

  • United by Blue - this is mostly an adult brand, but the accessories (reusable water bottles, bags, and storage options) would be great for a family summer adventure. 
  • Snack packs - Food grade silicon
  • WayB - if you’re taking your kids on a summer adventure, check out WayB’s 8-pound car seat!! (Recommended for ages 2+ and an easy to carry car seat is an engineering miracle!!) 

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