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Easter Basket that is Ethical and Eco-Friendly

March 12, 2023

Can we get a hand raise from the families who are tired of junk being in the house!?


Yep…Us, too. That is why we are being way more intentional with our Easter baskets this year.  We thought it all through, so you don’t have to. Check out our tips below. 


 Think Ahead… Get What You Need


There are a few things we always need in my house…. art supplies, hair ties, socks, bandaids, and books. For whatever reason, my kids go through these items so quickly. This year, I will just include them in the Easter basket because I will be buying them at some point anyway.


I am also thinking ahead to the summer, too. I will be getting them swimsuits and flip-flops to include in their basket as well. That way, something I already know they need can be given as a gift. Did you know you can pick a swimsuit add-on to your Hand Me Up bag? We’re here making your life just a bit easier!


Bottom line…buying more of what we know we’ll need will make an impact on our overconsumption and save a little $. 


Buy Secondhand


This is a no-brainer to us. It saves money, but it is also good for the environment by giving new life to something that could end up in a landfill. 


Things that are great to buy secondhand:


  • Books - I call the resale book store with the name of the book I am looking for, and they will get it for me if it is in stock at another store.
  • Toys - Facebook marketplace and used kids’ clothing stores are a great place to start
  • Clothes - I mean, we of course, have secondhand clothes! Easter dresses are a great secondhand item because they usually only get worn once. This means they are in great shape.

Mom Hack: Text your mom group about the specific item you are looking for. Give your money to a friend and save the searching. 


Shop Eco-Friendly Companies


Since spring is really focused on regeneration and the environment, our brains are naturally thinking about the products and practices of companies we support. 


We are always on the prowl for brands that use sustainable materials. (i.e. renewable resources or recycled materials, and are made using eco-friendly manufacturing processes.) 


Hand Me Up is focused on promoting sustainability and reducing the negative impact on the environment. 


Mom hack: if you’re looking quickly for a company that aligns with your values, a good Google search for a B Corp might make your late online searching easier.  (We love a good B Corp because the certification is a globally recognized standard for a socially and environmentally responsible biz!)


Here are a few other B Corp brands where we plan to shop for our kids this season:


Swim + Clothes

  • Hanna Andersson: committed to sustainability that offers a range of organic cotton and eco-friendly clothing options. Plus, they have an adorable Easter Shop this season! They also offer a pre-loved section on their website, so you can save a little $.
  • Tea Collection: uses eco-friendly materials such as organic cotton and recycled polyester in their clothing lines. They also have a resale brand called Tea Rewear, where you can find individual items like swimsuits at a discounted rate. 
  • Kidizen: check out this marketplace for used clothes - this organization is not a B Corp but is focused on reducing the environmental footprint.



  • Dolphin Blue: in order to make it on their site, a product must be made of at least 20% post-consumer recycled materials and made in the USA. 
  • Merry Go Rounds: this second-hand online children’s consignment shop believes in a world where everyone shops secondhand first and where resale is seen as the best possible option. Very aligned with our goals here at Hand Me Up!
  • Radio Flyer: this iconic brand is a B Corp! Ebay has a great second hand market for these fun wagons!



  • Better World Books: Better World Books is a B Corp that sells used and new books online. They donate a portion of their profits to literacy programs and have diverted over 320 million books from landfills.
  • ThriftBooks: ThriftBooks is a B Corp that sells used books online. They focus on sustainability and donate a portion of their profits to literacy programs.


Buy from a Small Business 


We love to support handmakers and their shops. This, generally speaking, is a great way to avoid the unethical working wages of some of the larger businesses out there. If we can’t find it secondhand or from an ethical company, then a small handmade business is a good option. 


Instead of using traditional Easter baskets made of plastic or other non-biodegradable materials, we are making a small investment in a bag made of natural materials like bamboo or cotton that can be used year after year. 


Here are some of our favorite small businesses to support:


Instead of buying disposable decorations that will end up in the trash, we use decorations made from natural materials such as wooden eggs or homemade crafts that can be used year after year.


Hope these tips help you plan for a more sustainable holiday! Let us know what we’ve missed or your ideas for a more sustainable holiday!


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