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Our Favorite Ethical Brands

August 30, 2022


If you landed on this blog post and find yourself asking, "What is an ethical brand?" - check out these blogs: "What in the World is Ethical Fashion" and "Ethical Fashion Terms". 


This is our definition of ethical fashion: 


"We believe ethical fashion encompasses brands that are working hard to break the cycle of fast fashion through ensuring safe working conditions, offering a living wage, partnering with artisans to support local economies, ensuring sustainable practices and overall focusing on the fact that how a garment is made matters greatly." 


Based on this definition, we've compiled a list of links to some of our favorite ethical brands.


31 Bits - accessories, home goods
ABLE - shoes, denim, women’s apparel, accessories, leather bags
Adelisa & Co - leather shoes, handwoven swings
Ave Lumi - apparel for the whole family
Better Life Bags - bags, accessories
Bombas - socks
Cotopaxi - apparel, outdoor bags 
Elegantees - apparel
Faherty - apparel, blankets
Fiesta Feet - handmade shoes
Handmade on Main - home decor, bath and body
Humble Hilo - women’s apparel, bags, shoes
Interwoven Collective - jewelry, leather goods
Imani Collective - gifts, home decor 
Jessica Rey - swimwear, women’s apparel
Known Supply - apparel
Krochet Kids - apparel, bags, knit hats
Laude the Label - women’s apparel, accessories, gifts
Liz Alig - women’s apparel, accessories
Nisolo - leather shoes, accessories
Noonday Collection (merged with Sseko Designs) - accessories, leather bags
Pact - underwear, apparel, loungewear
Patagonia - apparel, outdoor gear
Pyne & Smith - women’s linen apparel
Raven + Lilly - women’s apparel, accessories, home goods
Root - makeup, skincare
Sudara - pajamas, accessories
The Bluebird Collective - handpicked secondhand women's clothing
The Little Market - home decor, gifts, accessories
TK Collective - subscription box, blankets, gifts
Wells Cooperative - accessories


This is not an exhaustive list, but some of our favorites to shop. If you want to check out any of your favorite brands to see how they stack up, check out Good On You. Good On You is a database of brands rated on how they treat -people, planet and animals to help you make more informed choices when shopping. 


If you're new to the idea of ethical fashion, take it slow and don't try to replace your whole closet at once. In fact, the most ethical place to start shopping is in your own closet. 


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