What's in THE BAG?

Preloved children’s clothing. You will receive three bottoms and three tops. All based on the temperature and size you selected, warm or cold. There will also be one bonus item. Things like: boys' button down shirts, PJs, vests, cardigans, dresses for girls or a needed item to finish out the capsule. We will personally curate your bag using the answers from your style quiz.

Are the clothes laundered?

Yes, “we promise to treat these clothes like they are our own”. Gentle detergents are used to be safe for babies and those with sensitive skin.

Where do we get the clothes?

From other moms! We get the clothes from moms who aren’t using their clothes anymore and want to pass them along.

What if I don't like the clothes?

We really encourage everyone to embrace our mission and use the clothing they receive. With that said, you can send your entire bag back to us for a full refund.

How can I send in clothes to save?

We’ll gladly take any preloved clothes off your hands. Head over to our “Hand Me Down" page to print a prepaid shipping label. We take sizes 0 up to size 6. We do not accept: underwear, socks or shoes. Please include your e-mail address on a piece of paper inside your package. Once we receive your hand-me-downs, we'll e-mail you a code for $10 off your next order.

Where do the clothes sent in go?

1. They are used in our BAG to make mix and match outfits kids love.
2. They are given to makers to design upcycled goods.
3. They are donated to teen moms in our city. We don't donate without a name and a size.
4. They are sent to clothing recycling partners.

How do I get a shipping label to send in clothes?

A return shipping label will be included in each order of THE BAG to return your Hand Me Downs  Print A Shipping Label Here

Print Shipping Label for Hand Me Downs

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