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What's Fair Trade?

October 11, 2023

Maybe you’ve seen the label Fair Trade certification on your chocolate or coffee, but what exactly does this certification mean?


Fair Trade is a global movement that promotes fair wages, safe working conditions, and sustainable practices for farmers and artisans in developing countries. 


It's a system that ensures producers are paid fairly for their products.


For example, when cocoa farmers sell their cocoa beans to make chocolate, they get a Fair Trade minimum price per ton. Here's why it matters:


1. Protection from Price Changes: The price of cocoa can go up and down a lot in the market. Sometimes, it drops very low, and that's not great for farmers. The Fair Trade minimum price guarantees that farmers always get a fair amount for their cocoa, even if the market price is low.


2, Covering Costs: Farming cocoa costs money for labor, tools and fertilizer. The Fair Trade minimum price is set to make sure that farmers can at least cover these costs. It helps them avoid losing money when they sell their cocoa.


3. Earning a Decent Living: Cocoa farmers work hard, and they deserve to earn a decent income from their work. The Fair Trade minimum price helps them do that so they can support their families and invest in their farms.


In simple terms, cocoa farmers are paid fairly and can make a living, no matter what's happening with cocoa prices in the market.


One of our favorite things about the Fair Trade certification is that for cocoa farmers to participate, they must prioritize taking care of the environment. They use responsible farming methods, protect wildlife, use fewer harmful chemicals and keep natural areas safe.


As you prepare for Halloween, here are some Fair Trade chocolate brands we ❤️


Tony’s Chocolonely - we love giving out Tiny Tonys to the kids in our neighborhood. They are not only committed to making great-tasting treats – their ultimate mission is to stop modern slavery and child labor. 


Divine Chocolate - for those milk chocolate lovers (our kids!), we like these minis! This business is owned by cocoa farmers in Ghana who voted to set up their own chocolate company.


Have a fun and safe Halloween! 

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