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Upcycling Explained

May 18, 2022

What is Upcycling?


up·cy·cle (verb): reuse (discarded objects or material) in such a way as to create a product of higher quality or value than the original   

Simply put, upcycling is giving worn out items or textiles a new life.


Why Do It?


It saves you money by not having to buy new items.

It keeps items out of the landfill.

It diminishes the strain on natural resources used for producing new items. 

It reduces hazardous waste from manufacturing of new items. 

It requires and inspires creativity. 


How To Do It


There are TONS of ideas on the internet to upcycle, like tons. The truth is some of the projects take a master DIY-er... which we are not. We wish we could, but we can't use a sewing machine to save our lives. 


We all have towels on their last leg. Don't throw them away. We love to cut a towel into smaller squares, so they are the size of a rag. No reason to buy rags to clean with when you have old towels around. 


We all love to change up an item we have felt like we have worn a ton. Over a pair of jeans or ripped out the knees? Jeans are the perfect item to cut off into shorts. Don't be nervous, you can do it. 


Scarves are straight up the easiest item to reuse. Twenty somethings everywhere are wearing them for shirts. BUT we are a bit past that. We love to use them to wrap gifts. So much easier than tape and paper. Just tie and tie. 


Buy From Brands That Upcycle


I mean duh.... buy from us! We have a line called RePLAY that is hand made from all upcycled kid's clothes! 

Here are a few of our favorite upcycling brands:

  • Reclaim Creative (@reclaim.creative):
    • "reclaiming forgotten textiles"
    • Allie transforms quilts into beautiful pieces of clothing. 
  • The Patchwork Bear (@thepatchworkbear):
    • "memory bears made from your clothes"
    • Jennifer and her team take your favorite garments and masterfully turn them into a keepsake bear. 
  • UpCircle (@upcirclebeauty): 
    • "transforming leftover natural ingredients into quality skincare products"
    • Co-founders Will and Anna are on a mission to fight waste. 
  • Jessica Rey (@byjessicarey)
    • "Feel confident and beautiful in full-coverage swimwear that is ethically made in LA"
    • Jessica Rey swimsuit fabrics are knit using yarn made from 100% regnerated pre and post consumer waste, including discarded fish nets. 
  • One-Tees Shop (@oneteesshop):
    • "your t-shirt --> their onesie"
    • Handcut and sewn in Illinois, One-Tees takes your favorite tee and upcycles it into a onesie for your little one. 


Upcycling Explained

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