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5 Simple Mending Skills

October 12, 2022


This blog post is brought to you by the wonderful Repair What You Wear website. They are a video resource site with just about any mending project you might need to conquer, detailed in an easy to understand way. You can learn to mend with their help, we promise!


All these mending projects can be done with this simple sewing kit from Amazon! We love this kit because the needles come pre-threaded. That is one of the hardest parts of sewing for me, so this skips that dreaded step. 


Note: Everything linked here for is a right handed person, not to worry if you are left handed check out the Repair What You Wear website


1. Sewing on a New Buttons


We have all had a button pop off here and there. It is so sad to discard a whole shirt just because it needs a button. This is a great first time mending project!


2. How to Mend a Tear In Jeans


This is perfect for the rips on the knees of your kid's jeans!  The earlier you can catch them the better. This video also works on the worn areas in the inseam of jeans too. 


3. Fixing Those Little Holes in Knit Fabrics


My kids' clothes always get these little holes in them right in the mid section. This is so easy to fix, and can make clothes last so much longer. 


4. Fixing a Hem That Has Ripped Out


You know that long string hanging from the bottom of your kid's shirt. It is because the hem has come out. Catch it early, and this one is a super simple thing to fix. 


5. Mending Larger Rips in Knit


I wish I knew how to do this a few years ago when our favorite pair of PJ pants had to be thrown way!



Happy mending! You can do this!

how to mend clothes

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