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How To Have a Conscious Halloween

October 05, 2022


Conscious Costumes for Halloween 


Honestly, this is a topic I never really thought about before. My son wanted to be a firefighter, so I just added the costume to my Amazon cart and hit buy now. I think it makes a huge difference just being aware that you may not have to spend that money, and you can help the environment while you are at it. 


Let’s talk Halloween facts:

Halloween costumes are expected to cost Americans $3.6 billion in 2022.
Most Halloween costumes are made from plastic-based fabrics. This makes them a great candidate for the landfill because recycling them is very difficult.
A large amount of these costumes are only worn once or twice.  



Things you can try:


  • Hit up your mom text thread, and just ask if anyone has the costume your kid requested. You can even just borrow it for the week. 
  • Think about ways to reuse what you already have around the house. 
  • Try to plan ahead, so you have time for shipping on small shops and searching for second-hand costumes. 


Takeaway: Being more aware of the overconsumption around this holiday can help you make simple changes that have an impact. 


How to buy second-hand Halloween costumes 


The world of apps and the internet have made this so very easy to do. It may take a little bit longer to search through costumes, but we have had great luck using the filters and search bars on eBay, Kidizen, and Poshmark. Don’t forget that you can also pop into your local consignment store, they generally have great sales on their costumes. 


Takeaways: Try a quick secondhand search before you buy new. 


Shop Small Shops


Etsy has a corner on this market. There are so many cute hand made costumes on their app. You also generally can find a mom owned small business to support! 


How to DIY Costumes


I mean Pinterest is an obvious resource here, BUT this doesn’t have to be that complicated or “Pinterestry” (this should be a word). Try encouraging your child to be a soccer player or a hunter, using the clothes they have in their closet. Add in simple things like a headband or a fun accessory that can double as a toy (think a deer stuffed animal or nerf gun to go along with that camo shirt you already have). One year, I convinced my son to use a hand-me-down pirate costume by offering a treasure chest (a box with a lid I already had) filled with chocolate coins to take to school. He was in, and loved decorating his treasure chest.  


Takeaway: DIY doesn’t have to be a whole overdone outfit, it can be simple items you add to stuff you already have.


Host a Costume Swap


Check out our blog on how to host a clothing swap here. The same premise applies here as well. Have all your mom friends over with the costumes they don’t use anyone, and let everyone take what they need for free. 


Where to Send Used Costumes


This is the coolest company, check out Ween Dream for a great place to donate your used costumes. They take what you send in, and get them to a child in need. How perfect is that!?

Counscious Halloween Ideas

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