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How To Be a More Conscious Consumer This Holiday

December 06, 2023


A Festive and Heartwarming Holiday Message from Hand Me Up!


Warm wishes and festive greetings to you and your family as we embark on this magical holiday season! At Hand Me Up, we believe in celebrating not only the beauty of the holidays but also in nurturing the spirit of conscious consumption and mindful gifting that adds an extra layer of enchantment to this special time of year.


As we prepare for the festivities that await, we invite you to join us on a journey that is not just about what we give but how we give it. Yes, we're talking about the wonder of gift-giving, a tradition that fills our hearts with anticipation and delight.


This morning, we began our holiday lists together. We talked about how each of our families will navigate this season with mindfulness and togetherness. Our kiddos are growing up fast, and this year, we're turning our holiday preparations into a family affair, inviting every member to partake in the decision-making, gift-giving, and decorating. We'll work together to focus on meaningful gifts, emphasizing the importance of giving over materialism and saying no to impulsive purchases. 


We envision creating a holiday plan. This magical plan will include a budget, a list of recipients, and ideas for environmentally friendly gifts and decorations. Plus, whenever we work with our kids on planning, they seem even more invested in the outcome!


Our families will explore ideas like experiential gifts, crafts, or charitable donations. What a fun way to talk about gift-giving in a new way and share the reasons behind your choices!


We’ve talked about holiday decor that lasts longer than a season, and we’ll be creating a holiday wonderland using sustainable materials and decorations that can be cherished year after year. We’ve already got a tradition of crafting ornaments or reusable decor.


Finally, we’ll lean into quality family time this holiday season. Bake sweet memories in the kitchen, embark on family volunteering adventures, or wander through the winter wonderland of nature, creating memories together. We love to gather ‘round the table to talk about the values of conscious consumption (but we recognize that may not be for everyone!) 


If you haven't already, do explore our conscious consumer guide that will support you not just during this season but throughout the year. We've also written in a previous blog "10 Ways to Be a Mindful Shopper”.


Here are a couple of great holiday gift ideas:


Cooking classes for our kids! We have an in-person option near us, but we are also looking at this virtual option, Tiny Chefs! Our kids are getting old enough to learn this skill, and we think this will be fun to do together!


Symbolic animal adoptions through the World Wildlife Fund. One of our kids loves an Artic Fox and we’re excited to support the fund and learn more about this animal. When you choose a symbolic animal adoption, you generously support WWF’s global conservation efforts. Every donation helps save endangered wildlife, protect fragile ecosystems, and build a future where people live in harmony with nature.


Building on our work around conscious consumption, we’ve been looking for kids books about mindfulness. We’re grabbing Handful of Quiet and Mind Bubbles: Exploring mindfulness with kids.


Happy holidays from all of us at HandMeUp! May this season be filled with the sparkle of love, the warmth of togetherness, and the enchantment of a conscious lifestyle for your family. 🌟🎁🎄

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