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Empowering Change: Celebrating Women in Sustainability this International Women's Day

March 08, 2024


On this International Women's Day, we wanted to take time to celebrate women making big strides in shaping a more sustainable future. From pioneering environmental activists to innovative leaders in sustainable fashion, women have been at the forefront of the sustainability movement, driving positive change in their communities and beyond.


Let's shine a spotlight on the remarkable women who are leading the charge towards a more eco-conscious and equitable world. Join us as we honor the creativity and passion of women in sustainability, and reaffirm our commitment to amplifying their voices and supporting their vital work. Together, let's celebrate the invaluable contributions of women to building a more sustainable and inclusive future for generations to come.

Amelia Trumble (co-founder of Retold Recycling) 


You may have seen Amelia on Shark Tank (absolutely crushing it and scoring a deal with Mark Cuban!) sharing Retold Recycling bags, which are a convenient way to divert unwanted clothes and textiles from the landfill. Order their biodegradable and compostable bag, stuff it with singular socks, worn out clothes or old towels and mail it back to them. They work with recycling partners to responsibly divert your items from the landfill. 

Genevieve Padalecki (founder of townn)


Genevieve not only has her own space on social media (IG and YouTube to name a couple of spots you can find her) sharing family, wellness and beauty tips, she also founded an online community called towwn (take only what we need). This online community is "an antidote to burnout for people + planet". You can sign up for their newsletter and follow along on social media for inspiration in slow and sustainable living. 

Camille Lee (founder of WearEmOut Tees)


We've been big fans of Camille's work on Instagram for quite some time. We are so inspired by her creativity and commitment to reducing textile waste through her brand WearEmOut Tees. Camille rescues cotton t-shirts and adds original graphics all in the name of circular fashion. Camille also uses her platform to educate about fast fashion and the negative impacts it has on people and planet.

Jessica Rennard (Chief Merchandising Officer at Helpsy)


You can find Jessica on Instagram @thefashiondisruptor, and we LOVE that name and all it encompasses. She shares her expertise on secondhand fashion as well as her knowledge about the negative impacts of the fast fashion industry and the amount of waste involved. She is the Chief Merchandising Officer at Helpsy, which is "a certified B Corp and Public Benefit Corporation with a mission to keep clothes out of the trash and to create honorable work."

Carla Farina (founder and CEO of eddys brand)


We are huge fans of Carla's work and are so impressed with her skills and creativity when it comes to her upcycled baby clothing brand, eddy's brand. Carla "use(s) upcycled cotton yarns sourced from vintage sweaters. sweaters are unraveled, yarn is washed and knit again into your kids’ new cozy sweaters." Her upcycled garments are handmade and one-of-a-kind. She also offers a take-back program in which clothing can be sent back to her and appropriately donated to children in need.

Addie Fisher (sustainable & slow living advocate) 


Addie has a beautiful online platform, Old World New, sharing sustainable living tips, including thrifting tips and finds as well as ways to live a slower, more intentional lifestyle. We love her educational posts that take us behind the scenes of her local recycling center as well as give us amazing secondhand gift ideas for kids. Addie motivates us in our sustainable journeys, and she is one of our favorite follows on Instagram. 


As we commemorate International Women's Day and celebrate the remarkable achievements of women in sustainability, let us not only recognize their past accomplishments but also recommit ourselves to supporting and uplifting them in the ongoing journey towards a more sustainable and equitable world. Their leadership, innovation, and resilience serve as a beacon of hope and inspiration for us all. Together, let's continue to amplify the voices of women in sustainability, work collaboratively to address the pressing environmental challenges facing our planet. Happy International Women's Day!


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