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Declutter Closets With Purpose

November 08, 2023

A Fresh Start for Your Closet: Decluttering with Purpose


As the seasons change and we welcome new beginnings, there's no better time than now for a closet clean out. If you're like us, you may often wonder what to do with clothes that no longer serve you or your family. At Hand Me Up, we've got some ideas to help you navigate the process, ensuring that your clothing finds a new purpose.


Decision Time: What Condition Are Your Clothes In? 

1. If the items have never been worn or barely worn, it's time to sell them! Below are some options:


Local Consignment Store: A clothing consignment store is a retail establishment that accepts gently used clothing and accessories from individuals for resale. When items are sold, the consignor (the person who owns the items) receives a percentage of the sale price, while the store keeps a commission.


TIP! Don't be disheartened if they accept only a few pieces the first time you drop off clothing. Pay attention to the feedback, and you'll improve over time. (Fun fact: After several unsuccessful trips, the consignment store took everything I brought on my last visit, and it all sold!)


Online resale clothing marketplace like Hand Me Up: Head to our website to print a prepaid shipping label to send in your hand-me-downs. We take sizes 0 up to size 6. We do not accept: underwear, socks or shoes. Please include your e-mail address on a piece of paper inside your package. Once we receive your hand-me-downs, we'll e-mail you a code for $10 off your next order. 

Online peer-to-peer marketplace: eBay or Poshmark are great examples of business models where you can create a listing for your item, set the price, and handle shipping. This is a great option for unique or hard-to-find clothing pieces.


2. If worn but still in good condition, consider passing them to family members or friends. You can even host a clothing swap!


3. If that's not an option, here's the next step in your decision-making process:

Do you have a local thrift shop? If yes, consider donating your clothes there.

No local thrift shop? Look for a Goodwill or Salvation Army nearby, as they often accept clothing donations.


But what if you have clothes that are truly at the end of their life, and you don't want to send them to the landfill? Look for textile recycling programs that can divert your old clothes from the landfill. Many communities have facilities that specialize in recycling textiles.


Our favorite way to recycle end-of-life clothes is through Retold Recycling. Order their recycling bags, stuff them with your worn out textiles and single socks and Retold will take care of the rest! 


Logistics Made Easy: Tips for the Follow-Through


We all know that the most challenging part of a closet clean out is getting those items out of the house and to their new destinations. Here are some pro tips to make the process smoother:


Designate Donation Bags: Mark a paper bag for each donation location. This simple step will help you stay organized and ensure items end up where needed.


Put the donation bags in a place where you will see them: the frustration of wanting them out of the way may inspire you to get them out of the house and on to their new home!


Seasonal Storage: For seasonal items, consider storing them yourself if you have the space. Bringing them back before the start of the season can ensure they find a new home without overwhelming the store's storage capacity.


So, there you have it –  some practical tips to guide you through your closet clean out journey. May your space be clutter-free, and your clothes find new purpose and appreciation in their next adventures. 

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