What’s in the bag?

Preloved children’s clothing. You will receive three bottoms and three tops. All based on the temperature you selected, warm or cold. There will also be one bonus item. Things like: boys button downs, pjs, vests, cardigans. We will personal up together your bag based off your answers to our quiz to learn more about what you want to see in your bag. 
Do the clothes come cleaned?

They do! We take washing and cleaning the clothes very seriously. Like we have said, “we promise to treat these clothes like they are our own.” We also wash them with a detergent that is gentle and safe for babies so you don’t have to wash them again if you have a baby or a child with sensitive skin.

Where do you get the clothes from?

From other moms! We get the clothes from moms who aren’t using their clothes anymore and want to pass it forward. 

What if I don’t like the clothes?

We really encourage everyone to embrace our mission and use the clothes that they have. With that said you can send your entire bag back to us for a refund. 

Can I send in clothes without buying a “bag”?

We’ll gladly take any preloved clothes off your hands. Head over here to print a pre-paid shipping label. They’ll need to be sent in a bag, like this, to ship to us. 

What if I have more than one child’s clothes to send in?

Not a problem! 

I just want to clean out my closet - can I send you the clothes?

In the future, we will have a “Closet Cleanout” option  where you can send us a bigger bag of preloved clothing. Keep an eye out and sign up for e-mail updates here to be the first in the know. 

Can I buy a “bag” without sending in clothes?

Absolutely. You can buy a bag anytime! 

What happens to my clothes that I send in?

  • We promise we will give as much life to your used clothes as possible. 
  • We will treat your clothes like they are our own.
    • We’ve partnered with two local organizations to donate any gently used items that cannot be resold.
      • West Comal Young Lives partners with local teen moms to offer “unconditional acceptance, practical support and life-giving hope.” 
      • THRU Project is a local organization that helps “foster youth overcome the  challenges of growing up in the foster care system by providing guidance, support and advocacy in order to prepare them for life after foster care.” 
    • We will upcycle any preloved clothes that have stains or holes in them. Check out our REPLAY shop. 
    • We will recycle any well loved clothing that cannot be donated or upcycled. We are working with TerraCycle and Carters through their KIDCYCLE program. The unusable clothing we ship to them will be sorted into fabric type, shredded and used for various purposes in other industries such as workout equipment, furniture or home insulation. Learn more about this program here.